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The use of consumer reviews to rank the performance of products or services on qualities like reliability, price, trustworthiness of manufacturers in meeting their warrant obligations and quality started long before invention of e-commerce and popularity of the Internet happened. The Consumer Reports Magazine featured product and service rankings that were generated from customer reviews. As the review process moves online, there are many review websites available online. Consumers have even moved the review process to social media platforms through which they tell stories of their experiences with products or services. Irrespective of where they happen, reviews provide important information that people use in making purchase decisions.

Students Consuming Writing Services

The writing industry has a huge demand as students who struggle with heavy school workloads and part time work turn to essay writing companies for help. Unfortunately, there are no consumer reports that rank essay writing companies and this makes it extremely difficult for students in need of technical writing such as academic papers, reviews and papers to find the help that they need. Availability of such reports would make it easy for students to relief the fear and stress that is brought about by academic demands.

Reviews for Essay Writing Companies

Students take risks when they give their assignments to essay writing companies. Despite the using software to detect plagiarism, rogue companies still give students low quality work that is basically copied from other sources. Some of the companies provide poorly done work because their staffs have low academic qualifications and all they do is to use spinning programs to duplicate existing work or they just plagiarize it. Organizations such as canisiushighschoolnow.com come in to help address this problem by preparing consumer reports to help students identify companies that perform well in essay writing.

Writing Companies Review Process

Our review process starts by inviting students who use writing companies to write reviews about their experiences. We then compile that feedback and develop customer reports that we make available on this site. Generally, our work involves organizing the information we get into various categories in order to help students get a clear picture of the kind of service that different writing companies offer. In our reports, we rank essay writing companies based on the feedback that students give us. The ranking is done in a way that the best companies appear on the top so that students can locate them fast on our website. We also include the customer reviews for each ranked company so students can review them on our website.

The best way of getting info on essay services! Watching video!

Our Ranking Formula

Ranking of writing companies is done against factors that are important to students. These include:

  1. How well students can make use of the final products and the quality of work

  2. How consistent and fair a company is in its pricing

  3. How good a company is in meeting submission deadlines

  4. The quality of customer support

Additional resources

Our website offers additional resources to students in the form of links to the best writing companies’ websites and videos that explain how their processes work as provided below.